Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Masato Yoshihara

  1. What is the appeal of gyoza?

The maker’s life is packed full, so I’d say that the gyoza are also packed full.

  1. What kind of hair do you like? Long or short? Why?

I don’t really have a preference, but I like hair that can do many different things, so probably long hair.

  1. What is one thing you’re bad at?


  1. What is this summer’s fashion must have?


  1. How was the 47 Prefecture Tour? Honest impressions!

It was difficult traveling around the whole country, but it was really nice to see our BOYMEN Family who has been waiting for us.

  1. What do you respect about each member?

Every member has been stoic in following their dreams.

  1. If you started learning a new thing, what would it be?


  1. Have your ran into any troubles from being tall?

I hit all the hanging advertisements in the trains!

  1. When you see a capybara at the zoo, how do you feel?

It feels like I’m meeting my relatives.

  1. How do you spend your time at home?

Playing videogames.


Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Takumi Tsuchida

  1. What did you have left over from last year that you wanted to do and what do you want to do this year?

I didn’t get to go on Kohaku, so I want to do that this year.

  1. What left an impression on you from the 47 Prefecture Tour?

During the Nagasaki live, the encore took up some of the time from the Nagasaki Festival. Everyone wanted us to do it though, so we did.

3. You often say you only do things for three days, is there anything you’ve continued to do over a long period of time?

Running, studying Chinese and going to the gym.

  1. Your birthday is on June 15th and you’ll be 26. If you could use your Takumi Magic on yourself, what would you do?

I’d use my magic to make my face smaller.

  1. What did you use your first BOYSANDMEN paycheck for?

I think I went to the convenience store and bought something.

  1. After Pariea, what have you started using in cooking?

I’ve started putting eggs in Pepperoncini Pasta.

  1. If you could make a two-member unit, who would you do it with?

Yuchamu! It seems like it’ll go unexpectedly.

  1. If you went on a one day trip with someone, who would it be?

Masaru! I think it seems fun! We didn’t go on a trip before, but we did hang out for the day together.

  1. Before on your blog, you said you were learning Chinese. Are you still studying? Have you become fluent?

I’m still studying. I’m completely awful with it. I’ll keep doing my best.

  1. How far do you run?

Between 5km and 15km. Including cooldown, maybe a little bit more than that.

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Kento Hiramatsu

  1. What food do you like the most out of your mom’s cooking?

Pork Pikata!

  1. To the leader of dancing and singing, what are your best BOYSANDMEN songs?

For singing, Forever and Always. For dancing, Yamato Dancing.

  1. If you had one week off, what would you like to do?

I’d go on a trip abroad with my camera.

  1. What incident made you laugh recently?

The one that always comes to mine at Budokan when the balloon exploded weirdly over the audience.

  1. Of the presents you’ve given your mom on Mother’s Day, what was she happiest about?

The New Balance Shoes!

  1. Please tell me what clothes you like girls to wear and what do you find cute?

If the clothes don’t have a lot of exposure, then I like what fits them. (t/n sexually frustrated Kento likes revealing clothes)

  1. Who is the member you think can win against?


  1. When you’re stressed, what do you do to relieve it?

Listen to music that I like with my headphones.

  1. When you traveled over Japan for the 47 Prefecture Tour, is there anywhere that left an impression on you?

Around Hiroshima and Miyajima, we had a lot of free time and could go sightseeing. It was impressive. Iwashima Shrine was amazing.

  1. What songs do you like the best out of Makoto’s songs?

The Ballad version of Yume no Katachi.

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Yuhi

  1. What’s your favorite anime or manga currently?

Every golden week I watch the Detective Conan Movie screening. Every time.

  1. What food can you absolutely not eat no matter what?

Slimy, gooey food. Like natto and okra!

  1. What is the most delicious food Yutaka has made you to date?

Whole grain pancakes!

  1. If you could be the main character in an anime, what content would you want it to be and what ability would you want the character to have?

Science Fiction, Action, Suspense and or Horror! Definitely telekinesis.

  1. Where do you want to go on your next bicycle tour?

One lap around Lake Biwa.

  1. What do you like and dislike about yourself?

Like: I do things that I like thoroughly.

Dislike: If I don’t have an interest in it, I don’t do it.

  1. After coming to Nagoya from Nagano, what was your first hardship?

The members didn’t agree well at first.

  1. How did your family and friends react after the live in Nagano?

They were so happy. My grandmother was the happiest.

  1. If you could go back in time, what time period would you go to?

The Yayoi Era. I’d become the King of Hibiki using my knowledge of the future.

  1. What kind of actor do you want to become?

I want to do a wide range of things, from horror to comedy. And someone who does live actions of anime.

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Takafumi Honda

  1. You often say you love French fries, but what sauce do you use with them?

Just lots and lots of salt! Boys can also have salt faces! (t/n I think bloating from too much salt, girls worry about this a lot in Japan)

  1. Who is your favorite historical figure?

Toyotomi Hideyoshi. I played him in a movie once, so I see him in a favorable light.

  1. What is the easiest member to break down? Who is the most resilient?

Tsuchi is the easiest to make believe anything and Yutaka has a strong character, so he’s very resolute and strong.

  1. What is your favorite Hyakuninissha? (t/n 100 poems by 100 persons)

Kasasagi’s “Cross a bridge at night, if you see the white frost you can fix it.” I only know this one. (t/n I did a literal translation of the poem.)

  1. For you, what is pink!?

Human life!

  1. What is your goal for the summer?

I want to look like an oily, glimmering man! (t/n wtf bro?)

  1. If you went back to school, what would you want to do?

A cultural festival! And I want to stand out!

  1. If you have a daughter, what kind of dad do you think you’ll become?

One who throws salt if she brings a rude man home. (t/n I think this is a Japanese thing, I don’t get it).

  1. Even if you haven’t said it to their face, is there someone you want to give thanks to recently?

I want to appreciate my mother and father. Unconditional love is really the best.

  1. If you went on a trip, what would you ride and where would you go?

I’d go around Japan by train! I’d also like to try to go to Europe by boat! I must do my best to work a lot…

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Yutaka Kobayashi

  1. When you’re exhausted, what do you do to refresh yourself?

Take a half bath, sleep and use good smelling scents.

  1. What food left an impression on you during the 47 Prefecture Tour?

Bonito Tataki in Kochi and Duck Soba in Shimane.

  1. What do you always buy to last and not often?

Butter! I always have a stock of about four or five in my home! Lol

  1. A question for the oldest member, Yuchamu! Speaking freely, what’s the biggest generation gap you’ve encountered?

That they don’t know what Pocket Biscuits are!

  1. What do you want to try at the next live?

Flying on a wire.

  1. What is your strongest dish that you can make?

Carbonara (Yutabonara!), Roast Beef and Cheesecake!

  1. What song do you listen to a lot or like in BOYSANDMEN?

Winter*JOY and Wanna Be!

  1. Who do you receive the most favors from in BOYMEN?

Yuhi! He’s always fixing my bicycle! Thank you!

  1. What are you interested in recently?

Drinking grape juice from a wine glass!

  1. What special thing have you received recently?

A hat from Yuhi! It was my birthday present.

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Tatsunori Tsujimoto

  1. What is Hachiro’s special skill?

He will go fetch the ball and then take it elsewhere.

  1. Where is your most defined muscle right now?

The soleus muscle. (t/n it’s in the leg).

  1. What do you usually do for muscle training?

Nothing special. I do what needs to be done at the time.

  1. You said before that you don’t like how wishy-washy Takumi is. After the tour and now, do you still feel that way?

I don’t really care much now.

  1. With girls, what clothes, hair style and hair color do you like?

School Swimsuit, Flaxseed Hair Color and long hair. (t/n it’s a kind of blonde)

  1. When you are about to break and want to give up, what do you say to support and encourage yourself?

To win you need to split yourself between effort and will power.

  1. What are your current body stats and where do you want to be?

178cm, 68kg and 5% (t/n body fat). I want to stay about this!

  1. What luxurious thing have you gotten recently?

A 4000yen head spa treatment! (t/n a shampoo and massage)

  1. If you could make your own clothes, what would you make?

I don’t have any sense at all to be able to make my own clothes.

  1. What do you want to challenge from now?

Sports that I have yet to try!

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Yukihisa Tamura

  1. Up until now, in your life, what’s the most surprising thing you have heard? Who said it?

Life is drama! -Seiji Taniguchi

  1. If you could do anything you liked, what would it be?

Gather the people of the world and have a free hugs event!

  1. If someone made you food, what would you like to eat most?

Meat Pasta!

  1. What is the oldest thing that you remember?

The family photo that we took when I was two years old.

  1. What is your favorite meal menu? Like, free refills or something?

Agepan! (t/n fried bread).

  1. I know you’re always finding happiness, but what is the number one thing that has given you happiness?

Meeting BOYSANDMEN by chance!

  1. What have you achieved recently? What do you want to achieve?

Achieved -> Cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen.

Want -> To be able to eat Natto.

  1. What’s your favorite gakuran?

The So-re Gakuran.

  1. If you became a girl, who do you think you would stan in BOYSANDMEN?


  1. Aside from the piano, what instrument do you want to play?

The violin!

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Shunsuke Tanaka

  1. What thing can you absolutely never give up?

My love for movies.

  1. During your morning run, what do you think about?

I’m free from intrusive thoughts.

  1. Please tell me about your daily training and your training for the 47 Prefecture Tour!

My training is split between upper and lower body depending on the day. During the tour, I couldn’t go to the gym often so I did independent training at the hotel.

  1. is there a routine you decided on by yourself?

I eat my salad first at mealtime.

  1. In your house (or room) what area are you most interested in?

I had a screen and projected installed in my living room for watching movies.

  1. What do you do when you don’t know what to do and become frustrated?

Lately, I haven’t become that irritated… But, well, if it got to that point then I’d run until I could forget whatever it was.

  1. What muscle do you want to train next?

My whole body.

  1. What made you start training?

Club activities.

  1. What’s your deal day off?

Movie -> Movie -> Go for a massage -> Movie -> Movie -> Drinking

  1. Before a tour, is there anything you take or do in secret?

There is nothing I do secretly, I’d like to take my body pillow with me though.

Fanclub vol4 Q+A || Masaru Mizuno

  1. What would you like to say to a member?

Tatsunori! You’re wicked! He has dark skin! Occasionally. (Occasionally he says it to Tsuji?)

  1. Why did you name your beloved and cute dog Chamu?

The name was written in Chihuahua Style volume 25.

  1. What’s your current objective?

I want to be on a Kohaku and have many performances. (t/n Kohaku is an NHK program).

  1. Is there something you’d like to try regarding working?

I want to have a secret something-or-other shop. Maybe like a detective thing? Lol

  1. If you needed to hand over leadership for one day, who would it be?

Takafumi, of course.

  1. What is the biggest thing that happened on tour?

At Matsue Castle, Kento and Yukihisa got into an argument lol

  1. What have you done that makes you think “I’m an adult”.

After concerts, beer has become amazingly delicious. I drink quite often, recently.

  1. What were your thoughts when you were named Leader?

What? Me? Why!? Troublesome——! I was just doing my best at that time.

  1. Not as a leader, but what appeal do you want to show?

In the first half of 2017, I want to do various performance and to challenge and show my many faces. (t/n his various talents)

  1. With love, do you want to pursue or be pursued?

Both are okay! It depends on who I fall for and what kind of person they are.