~Kento’s Blog 11/25~

DATE: 2017/11/25

TITLE: White People ~KENTO~

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 白い人達〜KENTO〜

Hiramatsu Kento



What are you even doing lol

On December 20th, our new album “Tomo Arite..” will release.

From the album, the new song

“Ganbare For My Girl”

We performed it for the first time today
and we hope all the people who heard it

Could have fun and enjoy it

It has a great atmosphere but

the end was like this??  lol


Because it’s Osaka!!
Osaka makes you want to do this, right!!

So we did this ^^

I’m the yellow member but

You can’t really tell who’s who, huh. lol

This is so Boymen~ lol

It’s amazing!!!


Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you Osaka!!!

Everyone who performed
Candy Boy-san
And the MC Endou Jun-san

Thank you so much!!

We’ll be back again to be silly, so wait for us!! 🙂

We’ll arrive in Nagoya in just a little bit!! ^^

Good night!


These white soldiers…

It’s like they’ll show up in my dreams~ lol



~Shunsuke’s Blog 11/25~

DATE: 2017/11/25

TITLE: LIVE OH!851 @ Namba Hatch / Movies (Tanaka Shunsuke)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): LIVE OH!851@なんばHatch/映画《田中俊介》

Good morning.
LIVE OH!851 @ Namba Hatch


Candy Boy
MC Endou Jun-san

A live that everyone made together!
There was no halfway excitement!
We could have fun with people who were seeing Boymen for the first time, and being able to be together and enjoy it seeing everyone… it was amazingly fun!!


Boymen can’t really be cool,
but anyway we made sure everyone had fun! When it comes to that we’re strong at it! We can do stupid stuff, and we’re loud, super noisy… lol


On February 17th and 18th, 2018
We’ll have a 2DAYS live at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
It’s a solo LIVE, so yesterday, if our LIVE spoke to you, please come and hang out! Our solo lives are more crazy and intense!! Ticket information hasn’t come out yet, so… please be sure to follow the Boymen Twitter! Please support us!

Thank you for such a great time!


To everyone in Boymen Family,
Thank forever and always!

So, today we’re going west! To Fukuoka!

[Fukuoka live ad]

We’re waiting for you!




How was it? Heating up Nagoya together with our Senpai! From now on, we’ll work together with SKE to combine our powers, and make Nagoya a strong entertainment city!

[P.S. 2]

365 Days of Movies

[Shunsuke’s Movie Recommendations: “The World’s Fastest Indian” and “Sunk into the Womb”.]


Tanaka Shunsuke

~Yuhi’s Blog 11/25~

DATE: 2017/11/25

TITLE: G–co? (Yuhi)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): グ○コ?(勇翔)

Yesterday was our performance at Namba Hatch!


The groups performing were
Candy Boy

This time we sang the new song “Ganbare For My Girl” for the first time ever.

It’s a supportive song that isn’t too intense.
I really like it.

Since it was a performance where a lot of groups performed, we could appeal to new people!


If you think about Osaka, it’s this, right? [T/N: The title of the blog and pose/outfits in the picture are in reference to the giant Glico man motif in Osaka.]

It was a really fun live where we could get excited and laugh a lot!

With that, today I’m going for a live broadcast in Nagano.


People who can watch please make sure to watch!



~Yukihisa’s Blog 11/25~

DATE: 2017/11/25

TITLE: Ariyoshi Hanseikai!! [Tamura Yukihisa]

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 有吉反省会!!「田村 侑久」

I’m BOYS AND MEN’s theme color blue Tamura Yukihisa! ^_^

Please call me Tamutamu ^^


Today we had an event at Fukuoka’s Bayside!

Everyone who came, and everyone who sent their power from afar, thank you so much!

It had been a while since I’d done a live in Fukuoka, and it was so fun!


We stood on stage together with the Fukuoka Boymen Kenkyuusei, and Kotsuji-kun is super adorable!

I was smitten by him ^^

I think it’s great that we have a kid I can say that about!

I’m glad I could do this!




Nihon TV’s Ariyoshi Hanseikai broadcast!

In the Tokai area it’ll be on December 6th, but aside from there it’s today!

Everyone, are you ready to watch?

Through that, even if only a few, I’m glad that more people will come to know the name Boymen!


Please be sure to tweet in real time using #Boymen and #Tamutamu, and I’ll be so happy to enjoy it with you!

We’re aiming to be #1 on trending, so even if you aren’t a Tamura oshi, if you help out I’d be really happy ^^

With that, great work today everyone (o^^o)

Let’s do our best tomorrow too ^_^

I hope everyone can have a great day tomorrow too ^_^


Today’s things that made me happy:

I could go to Fukuoka for the first time in a while

Kotsuji-kun is super super cute

After we finished we all went to dinner together

Ariyoshi Hanseikai’s broadcast is airing (o^^o)

With that, here’s the announcements!


And lastly!

Who’s watching Airyoshi Hanseikai? (^-^)

However you can watch it, if you do I’ll be happy ^^

With that, I’ll be waiting for everyone’s comments today! (o^^o)

On Tamutamu’s blog it’s not okay to just read and leave! ^^

~Kento’s Blog 12/2~

DATE: 2017/12/02

TITLE: Until the Date Changes ~KENTO~

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 日付変わるまでー〜KENTO〜

Hiramatsu Kento



Like really just









~Sound effect~

I stretched!! ^^


Everyone!! ^^

BOYS AND MEN’s full power LIVE!!!

Are you going to come play??

Suuuuuuper fun LIVE is

12/7 in Shibuya O-EAST
12/2 in Zepp NAGOYA


Let’s smile together!! ^^

Today!! On the 2nd BOYS AND MEN have a release event for our New ALBUM “Tomo Arite..”

It’s at Osaka’s Kuzuha Mall!! ^^

The release events haven’t really been meshing well with my schedule, so this is one that I can actually participate in!!

I’m going to participate and make it special!!

There’s a free live too!!
Let’s have fun!!


~Yuhi’s Blog 12/2~

DATE: 2017/12/02

TITLE:  Recording a Step Ahead (Yuhi)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 一足先に収録(勇翔)

Today was the Machibaru recording.

Because it’s a recording and the air date is coming up later, this was the last recording for this year’s section.

The year is changing over soon, and it’s pretty emotional~


Then we practiced for the Makoto live.


The special things we are preparing for the live have increased some.

Everyone, please be sure to come out to Shibuya O-EAST!!!


~Shunsuke’s Blog 12/2~

DATE: 2017/12/02

TITLE: Too Many Idols Can Drive You Crazy (Tanaka Shunsuke)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): アイドルは狂わせてなんぼ《田中俊介》

“Eiga MANIA” Recording

During that time, we celebrated Churi-chan’s birthday.


Everyone celebrated together!

She’s a super serious girl.
Even speaking of her as an idol, her professional level is really high.


She looks so wise. lol

SKE48’s Takayanagi Akane!
I wish you a happy birthday!!

With that…

The Eiga MANIA members, Cinema Collection staff, Tsuboi-san, all have a great announcement!

The movie “Doublemints”


There will be an event where you can watch the movie and participate in the Doublemints University meeting at Cinema Collection!

The name is “Processing Doublemints University”!

Director Shiraishi Koji and Tsuboi-san will be there!

12/15 from 21:00~

The first round will be the showing of Doublemints
The second part will have Shiraishi Koji and Tsuboi-san talking about Doublemints, and I’ll be going to talk with them as well!

I’m so happy!

Doublemints still hasn’t ended!
Everyone! Check out Doublemints University!
We’re hoping for your support!

And, today is Osaka!!!


I’m looking forward to the release event!
Come be crazyyyyyyyy! lol


365 days of movies

[Shunsuke’s Recommendations: “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” by John Cameron Mitchell, and “Harahara na no ka”.]


~Masato’s Blog 12/2~

DATE: 2017/12/02

TITLE: The Season of Oden 🙂 Y. Masato

ORIGINAL (Japanese): おでんの季節:-)Y.Masato



Theme color green

I’m Yoshihara Masato!

Ugh, every every day is so cold.


There are days where when you exhale your breath turns white. When you wear glasses they become cloudy.


When it’s like this you can’t see anything. lol
I’ve started to want to eat hot food!
If you’ve noted, it’s great to have some oden, right? lol

Yoshihara has recently become interested in fish cakes, how about everyone? Which ones do you like?
I’ll try it out! Let me know!

Keep warm
and be careful not to catch a cold, everyone!

With that,

Today was the Machibaru recording!


Today’s VTR was really interesting!
Look forward to the broadcast!
Thank you to everyone who came to watch!

Tomorrow is the Osaka release event!
We’ll be waiting for you!


Today we rehearsed for the Makoto live, too!



We’ll be waiting!


~Takumi’s Blog 12/2~

DATE: 2017/12/02

TITLE: Aichi Marathon (Tsuchida Takumi)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 愛知駅伝(土田拓海)

Good evening!

I’m BOYSANDMEN’s Tsuchida Takumi!!

Today was the Aichi Marathon!! Hon-chan and I were reporting on it together!!


There were a lot of characters here today.
Out of all of them I could take a picture with the character from my hometown, Ichinomiya, named “Ichimin”!


And then it started!
It goes through nine districts for a total of 28.7 kilometers!

All of the runners were crazy fast!!
Everyone went at it with all that they had, and their shining expressions were so cool!!

Their effort gave me power, too!!

I have to do my best, too!!

I took this feeling to the Makoto practice today!!

[Christmas Live Info]

I’m so looking forward to it!! We’re going to create a great event with everyone!!


Today!! Our going out clothes were similar!!

I wanted to take a picture as caramel and jeans, and…


In the picture we look totally different!! lol
Can this be considered matching? lol

Tomorrow is Okayama!
We’ll see you there!!

Tsuchida Takumi

Blog || 11/21 || Kento

Original Link || やくびょうがみなのか?



Kento Hiramatsu!


Sports Live 2017!

Boymen’s Established event, held every year at Aichi’s Sports Building!

That’s Sports Live!

Saying it simply, it’s like a sports competition!

Splitting the red team, we challenged various events.

And also a LIVE!

This year was the fourth year



Haven’t won once! Lol

I thought I’d definitely win this time!

But I didn’t!


Am I…

A jinx? Lol


I want to say that…

On the red team, I had the most fun at Sports Love!

It was so much fun!


I’ll win next year!


A live has been decided!!

Next February!

Two days!

We haven’t done a two day live at a large place!
It’s a new challenge for Boymen!

I won’t lose!!

A new battle begins now!

It’ll be fun!



The jinx will sleep!

Everyone who cheered at Sports Live!

Thank you!

Next year, I’ll win as a present to you!

I’m sorry for this year! Lol

Good night!



November 22nd!

The day to become a good spouse!

Happy Birthday!

Please wait for your present!