~Shunsuke’s Blog 8/19~

DATE: 2017/08/19

TITLE: HiGH&LOW THE MOVIE 2 / END OF SKY (Tanaka Shunsuke)


The movie “HiGH&LOW THE MOVIE 2 / END OF SKY”‘s brothers!


Daruma Family/Daruma Babies
Fuuta and Raita

Open in theaters nationwide

At Midland Square Cinema
Movix Miyoshi
and Midland Cinema Nagoya Airport

That’s where we can meet to watch it.

If you’re in Aichi-ken, let’s watch it together!


Let’s celebrate!


Tanaka Shunsuke

~Masaru’s Blog 8/19~

DATE: 2017/08/19

TITLE: It’s a Festival~ [MASARU]

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 祭りじゃー(MASARU】

[Picture of Shunsuke and Masaru in HiGH&LOW outfits with parasols]

Tomorrow is opening day!!!
Cast, Staff
This is something everyone created with a superheated energy.
For me, this is something that I got to collaborate with a large cast on
and it was the first time for it
so it was super motivating!!

I hope it can reach many people.

I’ll be waiting at the premiere tomorrow!
Let’s celebrate the day together ^_^

BOYSANDMEN Leader Mizuno Masaru


~Takafumi’s Blog 8/18~

DATE: 2017/08/18

TITLE: Tomorrow is Sendai!★本Honda

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 明日は仙台!★本田

Good evening!

I’m BOYSANDMEN’s Honda Takafumi!


I’m the pink member of Boymen!

Tomorrow I’m participating in Boyzania  @ Sendai!

Because it was a pretty sudden 2shot announcement, You can buy tickets the same day!


We also went to Miyagi on our tour!

At Matsushima the gulls looked like they were going to attack… I was holding a croquette, and they were glaring at me in a way that just burns into you… ah, it’s going to appear in my dreams tonight. lol

This time it doesn’t seem like we’ll have any time to go sightseeing… but even still we can feel a little of the Sendai air after so long, and I think we’ll have a really fun event! Please make sure to come see us!

Then, changing the subject, today was the StarCat “Machibaru” recording! Studio staff and people who came to see it, thank you!!


Being able to have this program and lives is made possible not just by Boymen but together with Boymen Family!

Sometimes there are differences in the degree of our work, so having time with everyone who comes to see us is something we savor that makes us really happy!

That said, I’ll be waiting from the bottom of my heart for you next time!

With that, I’ll leave it here!
Good night!

[Picture of Takafumi and Shunsuke]

Just as Tsucchi posted on his blog, a Boymen Quest Offshot!

I’m listening to the sound of Tanaka-kun’s heart. lol
Yep, sounded healthy. lol

Has everyone had their health examined recently??

I think every year, your body and your funds… From the time I was a child I’ve been at risk for Diabetes, so it’s important to take care of yourself…


Thank you for all the likes and comments on yesterday’s blog!

Write on this blog too! I’m looking forward to reading them!


~Takumi’s Blog 8/18~

DATE: 2017/08/18

TITLE: Machibaru (Tsuchida Takumi)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): まちバル(土田拓海)

Good evening!

I’m BOYSANDMEN’s Tsuchida Takumi!!


Today was the Machibaru studio recording!

Everyone is really busy!! Thank you so much for coming! Today was a really fun filming too!!!

Talking to everyone in the studio and creating things to fill time is something I love!! Come hang out again!!


And after that!!

I went on location with Honchan!!

[Picture of Takumi and Takafumi]

Today we did an activity on location!

Look forward to getting super excited!!

Who loves Machibaru?

Then! My previous blog!!
The picture that I drew of Yuchamu…

How was it? Was it amusing?

The next time I go for a Boymen World…

In the Takumin TV corner maybe I’ll draw someone else? lol

Who should I choose~ lol


Here’s a Boymen Quest special shot!

[Picture of Nurse Takumi, Doctor Shunsuke, and Patient Takafumi]

With that, see you!!
I’m waiting for tons of comments on this blog!

Tsuchida Takumi

~Shunsuke’s Blog 8/18 Pt. 2~

DATE: 2017/08/18

TITLE: Older Brother Shouchi Ryo [Tanaka Shunsuke]

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 勝地涼兄貴《田中俊介》

Today I had some work in Tokyo with people there!
As you might think, we appeared together!
It was a tie-in, and I could meet with some people!
Look forward to the news 🙂
Ah, it was super fun! I’m want to see them again!

Then, I moved over to Nihon TV to join forces with Tsuji-chan.

And then, Shouchi Ryo-san the batter!
We had an after meeting for the NHK Drama “1942’s Play Ball”! As usual, it was a great time with my awesome elder brothers! I want to go see the play “Uchuu Fune Doriimu Gou” [Spaceship Dream] And, I want to co-star with them again! I’ll work my hardest!


Shouchi-san. As always. He’s soft.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated twice in one day!
I’m so happy I could meet and see these people!
Is everyone else happy?
What kind of day was it today?

We’ve worked hard today 🙂


Tomorrow is….

[HiGH&LOW Poster]

Tomorrow the movie opens!
Get your tickets here! [As linked by Shunsuke]
We’re waiting!


Tanaka Shunsuke

~Masato’s Blog 8/18~

DATE: 2017/08/18

TITLE: How should I do this 🙂 Y. Masato

ORIGINAL (Japanese): どうしてるかな:-)Y.Masato



Theme color green

I’m Yoshihara Masato.

Yesterday, I went to visit a grave.

I was determined not to miss this meeting,
so I decided I would write about it today.
It was my first time with this separation,
So until here I haven’t had the strength to do it.
Even though it’s late, I hope you can forgive me for writing a little about something heavy.

Having appeared some number of times on this blog
My little sister, my beloved dog.
Ran departed to heaven on July 2nd.

People in the Family
have asked a lot about how Ran-chan is doing.
So I thought I should let everyone know.

There are so many memories that I can’t count them, but…

We could really make some great memories.

Even if I recall memory after memory,
Everything that was happy won’t bring her back.
It’s unfair.

We went to work together, you know.
We appeared together in a magazine.

Even looking at the data folder,
I can see a super energetic and playful Ran-chan.
Deep in my heart
I’m really not sure I can ever accept that this has happened.
Even still, she gave me so much happiness.
I’m so, so, so glad that Ran-chan was mine.

[Picture of young Masato sleeping with puppy Ran-chan]

[Picture of Ran-chan sleeping]

[Picture of Ran-chan being awesome]

[Picture of Masato with Ran-chan about to lick him]

For 11 years, thank you for all of the smiles!
In heaven, please play around and enjoy yourself freely!

I’ve been thinking about it and I’m going to smile as much as possible.

Everyone who supports us, too,
More than being sad,
Just say “thank you”!

Even though I say that,
The Yoshihara that’s writing this blog
Can’t stop crying. lol
That’s not a good big brother.

For Ran-chan’s bark,
Big brother will do his best!
I’ll make my dreams come true!

[Picture of Masato and Ran-chan being adorable]

Tomorrow is Boyzania!
We’re going to Sendai!
Family, look forward to it!
I’m gonna eat beef tongue!


[Translators Note: Thank you, Ran-chan, for taking care of Masato! You’re an amazing dog, and your brother knows that you’re always there for him. Wherever you are, hopefully you’re having fun and barking up a storm. We’ll do whatever we can to help your big brother achieve his dreams!]

~Takafumi’s Blog 8/18~

DATE: 2017/08/18

TITLE: KanKonKin Theater! ★Honda

ORIGINAL (Japanese): カンコンキンシアター!★本田

Good evening!

I’m BOYSANDMEN’s Honda Takafumi!


I’m the pink member of Boymen!
Samgyeopsal is delicious!!

To eat it, you wrap the meat in Korean lettuce, and the flavor explodes!  It’s like a complete change!! If I were reborn as something that wraps meat, I would like to become this Korean lettuce! I’m the type that likes to wrap more than being wrapped! lol

So, today is recording! From there I went to Tokyo!!

“KanKinKon Theater 31 “Kudoi!” This Friend is Just My Grandchild”

I went to the theater!

It was a laughter-filled 3 hours!

Sekine-san was in charge of it, and because of it the show was overloaded. Even just talking about it I’m getting fired up!

The song for the performance was our new song “Ho wo Agero”, with Lucky Ikeda-san, and it’s flourishing…


Wow, to think that one of the creators stepped out to dance “Ho wo Agero” is such a great privilege!

I’m overjoyed! Moved!
For giving me this chance, thank you so much!

Ah~ even still, it was so amazingly fun! This is happiness!!

What has made everyone laugh, what’s been fun for you recently?

With that, tomorrow is StarCat “Machibaru”! If you’d like, please come see us!!

Good night!

[Two pictures of Takafumi, Kento, and Tsuji]

Tsuji-chan seems embarrassed to show himself in a tank top… But naturally, with a body like that, I have to show it to people who want to see it. lol


Thank you for your likes and comments on yesterday’s blog!!

A lot of people really like cheesecake! It’s fine if it’s expensive, it makes it like a high class snack… I shouldn’t eat so many dairy products though… lol

Write some today too!

~Yutaka’s Blog 8/17~

DATE: 2017/08/17

TITLE: Yu~chamu

ORIGINAL (Japanese): ゆーちゃむ

My update is late.
I’m Yuchamu.

Today we had a girls’ party photoshoot
I was a one-day head of the Boymen Shop
There was guy’s stuff for Tokai Walker
It was a full day!


Barbie-san was a guest!

Fortune-telling, garlic, and soap…
This month it’ll be a great article too!

What do you think I did for the guy’s job section? lol

Then, once again
Because it’s really important
On August 16th
BOYS AND MEN’s little brothers
【祭nine】[Matsuri nine.] had their major debut.

First, congratulations.

Then, thanks to all of the fans, their opening Oricon Daily Ranking was Number 2!!!!!
That’s a really great feat!

Yesterday, we crashed their event.


When I finished my one-day shop head work I dashed over…

I went to go support my little brothers first hand.
I was so happy!

[Picture of Yutaka with Matsuri CDs and a 2shot ticket]

[Picture of Yutaka with Takanori]

Even though I’m always the crybaby
Our little brothers cried more )));

[Picture of Yutaka with Toy and his 2shot ticket]

[Picture of Yutaka with Rikuto and his 2shot ticket]

But, just looking at how much they’ve grown
It’s really motivated me even more!

[Picture of Yutaka and Takumi with Matsuri nine.]

If I become an old man
They’ll be the ones supporting me lol

Everyone, too, please
Take care and support our little brothers!

And please check out our Aomori live!