Blog || 2/15 || Takumi

Original Link || お久しぶり

Good evening!

BOYSANDMEN’s Takumi Tsuchida!

Long time no see! Lol

The Prefectural Gymnasium LIVE is the day after tomorrow!

We have a lost of rehearsals!

The performance!

What reaction will everyone have?

It’ll be enjoyable!!

First and foremost, prepare to get hyped!

From now! Lol

It’s short but see you tomorrow!


Ah, how was Valentine’s Day?

Did you give chocolate? Hmm. I wonder lol



Takumi Tsuchida


Blog || 2/15 || Shunsuke

Original Link || 一曲目はなんでしょう?

Good morning!


There are many rehearsals from the Prefectural Gymnasium LIVE!

Day after day we’re using all of our power for rehearsal!!

Today is also nonstop from morning to night!


I’m off now!

I want to hear your thoughts!

First song for the 17th

For song for the 18th

What will they be?

<CanCam Info>



Shunsuke Tanaka

Blog || 2/15 || Kento

Original Link || どこよりもアツく!



Kento Hiramatsu


For my birthday, I received an oshare hat from Masato!


The Prefectural Gymnasium Live is on the 17th and 18th!

We have a lot of rehearsals!

We’re using all our power to do our best!

To deliver a fiery live!


Tomorrow is also from the morning!

I’ll do my best!

Please anticipate it!

We’ll make you say you were glad to come!


I’m dead tired right now!

Do your best tomorrow!


My diner for tonight is Misonikomi Udon! Lol

Push the like button!

I’m waiting!

Oh! The CanCan produced digital albums are pretty awesome!!!

Blog || 2/15 || Masaru

Original Link || 長い一日が終わりました!


I received Suiyoubi Dou Chocolates from the staff at Ichimoni yesterday


Speaking of Valentine’s, thank you for the comments!

Not just the chocolate, but I could receive your feelings in the comments too.

Thank you.


Yesterday I had interviews for the Jinro Game movie.

It’s not a calm role, but I’m the Riddle Man.

What is he?

The things he says… how for does the truth go?

If you think along those lines, I’ll be happy.

Well then, the Prefectural Gymnasium LIVE is approaching!

Rehearsal got over now, too!

Tomorrow is also endless rehearsal starting in the morning.

I must do my best, so in this limited time, I want to sleep.

Check out the CanCam production!


Masaru Mizuno


Blog || 2/13 || Masato

Original Link ||人狼ゲーム!!



Theme Color Green

Masato Yoshihara!

Today we had interviews with various media outlets for Jinro Game!


It’s a Grandma Masaru photo!

Without giving away spoilers, we could talk about Jinro Game!

Please read that article, watch the drama and go to the theater!

It’ll be the most loaded experience!

Enjoy it!



In the interview, they asked if the members played Jinro Game, who do you think would be the last alive? What do you think?


~Yutaka’s Blog 2/3~

DATE: 2017/02/03

TITLE: Fire ☆ Yuchamu

ORIGINAL (Japanese): ファイア☆ゆーちゃむ

We came back to Japan
To great reviews
Our musical “White Tights”
Is playing right now.


Now, everyone is doing a play
One that we’ve created together
It’s so, so much fun
I’m Yuchamu, who can’t help but break into smiles every day!

…That said, I’ve taken on a few years. lol


I’m going to be 30 soon lololol

For the torch relay
Even though it’s small
Maybe the world came together?
That’s what I thought when I was participating.


Everyone who participated took pictures with us.


In some way it felt like a cute picture taking competition
I like this picture~

And, it’s Jang Geuk Suk
who remembered me from when we did work

“It’s been 5 years!” he said.

At the time when we met


That we could meet again like this
I was really happy.



The thing that brought all the happiness together
was the torch relay.
Being able to participate
is a once in a lifetime memory.
In Korea, I did a powerful
“I love, you love, Yuchamu desu!” introduction! lol
From here on,
I want to do more work in Korea, too.
In Gangwon Province, I’ve been a sightseeing ambassador
So I want to study up on it more and more
If we could do a tour from Japan it would be great!

I’ll do my best!


I brought a torch back to Japan
So come see it in the BM Theater~


Shacho’s smile takes up his whole face.


Korean food was super delicious~





And, tomorrow is the last performance.

I’ll do my best!
Our hearts are one.

The 17th and 18th of February
We’ll be at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
Doing a special live
Be sure to come and hang out~

~Takumi’s Blog 2/3~

DATE: 2017/02/03

TITLE: A Strange Feeling (Tsuchida Takumi)

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 不思議な感覚(土田拓海)

Good evening!

I’m BOYSANDMEN’s Tsuchida Takumi!!


It’s my first update in a bit.

Since the first of February, we’ve been doing “White Tights” in our newly opened BM THEATER!!

We could open a new theater!!!
In the past!! We had to rehearse outside!!
And when we rehearsed for White Tights we did it in the park? When I saw the theater that we opened for the first time my chest felt tight.

So, White Tights is on!!

Up until this performance, so many things have happened.

If I start to talk about it, it’ll never stop!! lol

But being able to stand on stage with the friends with whom I’ve climbed over obstacles one by one…

I’m so, so happy.

For some reason it’s a weird sensation…
But when I think about that time…

Can I just wrap it up into saying it’s nostalgic? That’s kind of how I feel about it!!

Even though it’s fast, tomorrow is that last day!!

This set of performances!! There are people who have nostalgic feelings about it, and people who are seeing it for the first time.

For those people, maybe we haven’t changed from back then…

Anyway, it’s going to be heated!!

We’ll keep going forward

And break through those feelings.

Whether you are coming or not doesn’t matter!!
We’ll do our best to convey it to everyone.

Please take our best efforts!!

With that, see you tomorrow!!

Tsuchida Takumi

~Kento’s Blog 2/3~

DATE: 2017/02/03

TITLE: Our Gakuran Style ~KENTO~

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 僕らの学ランStyle〜KENTO〜

Hiramatsu Kento


This is a picture from the first time I did my gakuran myself ^^!

Awkwardly smiling teenage me lol

At BM Theater we’re currently running the musical “White Tights”

Tomorrow is the last day!!

It’s the final program!!

Every time, there are a lot of nostalgic feelings!!

There were comments about it on the Blog before
But as I thought, the amount of people who saw the original “White Tights” live is pretty small ^^!

Boymen’s gakuran style came from this musical!!

Boymen’s origin were packed in this play, and tomorrow I think we’ll perform it well ^^!!

What even is Boymen!?

What kind of group are they, really?!
We’ll reaffirm it tomorrow, and convey it!

We have a lot of juniors who have to succeed us!!


Everything that we felt at that time
can’t be properly conveyed, but
Even if it’s just a little, somehow
I hope that we can do it through this ^^

I think that you can really feel the trail that we’ve taken 🙂 !!


Boymen’s legend is still
just beginning!!

From here we’ll grow so much more!!

The nationwide conquest of Nagoya’s older brothers,
isn’t it something you want to see??


Our goal is this!!!

Wait for us!!! Nagoya Dome!!
We’ll be there soon!!

So, everyone ^^!!

Good night!!!!

Thank you for your likes and comments always!!!

Um, if you press like, I’ll be really happy of course, but
make sure to comment sometimes~

Hey, come on, comment~~~

Something like “Do your best until the end of the play!”

or “Tomorrow I’ll go see the play!”

or “Do your best until the end of the play~”