Shunsuke’s blog 10/16

TITLE: Morning <<Shunsuke Tanaka>>

DATE: 2017/10/16

ORIGINAL (Japanese): おはよう《田中俊介》



O! Ke~y!


I got to appreciate Director Masahiro Take’s “Ring-side Story”. Kazuya Takahashi is the best! It’s been so long since I’ve laughed out loud in a theater. (lol)


It’s my goal to to work with him!


Takafumi’s blog 10/16

TITLE: All-out events ★Honda

DATE: 2017/10/16

ORIGINAL (Japanese): イベントざんまい!★本田

Good evening!

This is Takafumi Honda of BOYSANDMEN!


I’m the pink member!!

Yesterday we participated in “Sports of Heart”

At Yoyogi Park


It’s an event to support para-sports!

It was a wonderful time spent coming together as one and just enjoying sports!!

I couldn’t be there but… the member who went joined the long distance relay; and did a talk show; and performed on stage; I’m sure they were really fired up all day!

Thank you all for coming even in the rain!


IVAN and Peh!!

IVAN’s good natured but intense meddling was also really fun to see! Boymen was really cute with him… We got attached right away! Even faster than a dog (lol)

We didn’t really get to catch up with Peh this time… To hear she’s part of an athletic organization was out of left field! I hope we can work together again!

And today!

I was an MC for the

Asunal Kanayama Fashion Event!


With Tsuji!!

Fall is the season for dressing in fashionable clothes, so we got to spend a very pleasant day with some wonderful guests

Since it was a fashion event there were a bunch of booths so… the 2 of us stormed into one, and got our nails glittered! So now, even the tips of our fingers have an aesthetic sense to them (lol)


It was hard to get around today… So I‘m really grateful so many people came out!!

It’s been a crazy, all-over-the-place two days!

And then there’s the secret job we did in between that I hope you all are excited to hear about

There’s a lot to look forward to!

Well then, let’s end it around here!



Thank you for letting us work with you! (Hirayama, too)!!

By the way, when it comes to aesthetics, what’s most important to you??


Thank you for all the likes & comments on my last blog!!

There were a bunch of people who said yakiniku makes their motivation go up! For me, I can probably eat cow tongue the rest of my life! Good cow tongue is a luxury to give a deep kiss to! (lol)

I’m looking forward to seeing your likes & comments today! I want a bunch!

Blog || 10/15 || Masaru

Original Link || やりきった!

The Sachi no Otera gohan event in Kanagawa ended with no problems!
Unfortunately, it was in the rain.

But thanks to everyone who came!


It was a fun two stage event!

I gave it my all!

Lately, the BOYSANDMEN Instagram and Twitter are rising up little by little!!

Please follow!

A fancy evening coffee.

The recently popular health juice.

On Instagram…

You upload photos like this, right? Lol



Wait, that’s wrong?


Masaru Mizuno


Blog || 10/15 || Takumi

Original Link || お久しぶりです。

Good afternoon!

BOYSANDMEN’s Takumi Tsuchida!

It’s been awhile since I last updated!

The day before yesterday I wrote that I’d have a new challenge…

That work!

The ending time!

Was around 3! Lol

Not the afternoon??? The morning!? Lol

So uploading was a bit… impossible! Lol

And yesterday!!

The time work was over…

What time was it?

Anticipation! I’ll tell you later!

First, I could appear in Sports of Heart 2017 yesterday.

I ran in the long distance relay!!

We connected as a time with all our power!

It was rough! Lol


Because everyone who lined the path was close, I could hear everyone’s cheering! It became my power!

Thank you!

We took second place!

Because I used all my power, I have no regrets!

And after that, it was my first live in a while! Lol

It was just a short time ago, but I thought it felt like longer.


It was fun! But the time was short! Lol

A good time!!

Thank you so much for gathering in the rain!

Even though it was cold, you didn’t catch a cold, right?

Are you okay?

We were with Ivan!

And Pe-e!


We chatted a lot with Ivan in the waiting room!

It was so much fun!

I hope we can work together!

And if you’ve read other blogs, you’ll already know, but..

It was decided our new album, Tomoarite, will be released on 12.20.2017!!

With Tomoarite as the lead song, we packed the album with BOYSANDMEN styled songs.


Everyone, please support it!

I’ll do my best today too’

So, the ending time…

Was 3am!! Lol

In the afternoon?? In the morning!? Lol

They ended around the same time, two days in a row, so I was surprised! Lol

I’m okay!

I’m energetic today too!! Lol


Well then!

What did you all eat for lunch?!

Takumi Tsuchida

Blog || 10/15 || Kento

Original Link || まだ昨日だから今日にしなきゃ



Kento Hiramatsu


Sports of Heart 2017

A long distance relay at Yoyogi Park.

We completed without any problem!

Everyone who lined the path cheered for us a lot, I was smiling from beginning to end.

It seems that Ivan picked on the other members lol


I’m glad I could meet and have a good relationship with Ivan.

And Pe-e too!

We ran and had a live at Yoyogi Park, and then after that filming!

I enjoyed a bath after that.

I want to sleep~

Even though it’s already morning outside.

For me it’s still “yesterday”.

I’ll sleep now, and “today” will become “tomorrow”.

Good night!


The album info was released!

There is one surprise for you!

From the ten members of BOYSANDMEN, the green one, Masato, and I were able to create a song together.

I want it to have an adult feeling, kind of like “is that me singing”?

With no mistake, it’s not like the past Boymen, we have finished an amazing song.

I want everyone to hear it soon!


Blog || 10/15 || Shunsuke

Original Link || IVANさん♦︎ぺぇさん

Sport of Heart 2017 in Yoyogi Park

With no relation to having or not having a disability

Typing together bonds through sports

It was a lovely event.


With Ivan.


Everyone created hype!


Creating things together is good. We have the same relationship as the fans who came running for us. And those who can’t come to events, it’s also a treasured relationship through reading this blog.

Those who can’t participate and cheer for us in their homes are called “zaitaku” (home otaku). I learned this recently. I won’t forget those of you at home!

Let’s enjoy Boymen together.


Double Mints at Yokohama Jack and Betty.

The movie started playing from yesterday! Stage greeting!!

I heard there were many men and women!

I couldn’t be there, but again someday, I want to talk about Double Mints in front of you. You can see it until the 20th! Please go see it!


Shunsuke Tanaka

Yukihisa’s blog 10/13

TITLE: Time flies 「Yukihisa Tamura」

DATE: 2017/10/13

ORIGINAL (Japanese): あっという間「田村侑久」

Good evening, everybody- ^-^

This is Yukihisa Tamura, the blue member of BOYSANDMEN ^-^

Remember me as TAmuTamu ^-^


I had practice for my birthday live again today ^-^

I’m so sweaty

I practiced with Matsuri and Kenkyusei but recently I’ve really started to become an old man and those guys and just so adorable…

They’re just so great… (lolol)

I’m sure most fans have picked their biases but I totally get why people might choose everyone ^-^


There’s only 4 days left until my birthday live!!

I feel this weird mix of anxiety and nerves and excitement (>_<)

I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun during the real thing ^-^

I’m going to be 27 pretty soon…

These 7 years since I joined Boymen has really passed in a flash…

There have been a lot of hard times and fun times, so many experiences, since I left my company to chase after this dream. Being with fans makes me the happiest!

But I want to keep going further and further, I hope you’re with me!

Good job today everyone ^-^

Let’s have a good day again tomorrow ^-^



A question for you– ^-^

I had meat for dinner but,

Who did I eat with? ^^


Did you write your comment? ^-^

I’ll put the answer here– ^_^


The answer is!!


Sota ^_^

Did you get it right? (lolol)

You didn’t think they would be from Kenkyusei, did you? ^-^ (lolol)

That’s amazing if you got it right!!

Masato’s blog 10/13

TITLE: I’m sensitive. :-)Y.Masato

DATE: 2017/10/13

ORIGINAL (Japanese): 過敏なんですって。:-)Y.Masato



Theme color: Green

Masato Yoshihara


Good morning!

In the morning you’re supposed to whisper so I made the font smaller.

If you think “boy! This is too hard to read!” Please keep it to yourself.

This was my fortune today:

“You might start to lose patience so make sure your words aren’t too harsh”

Words can hurt.

You need to think about how you’d feel if someone said that to you.

I’m sensitive today!

Be careful!

I’ll get emotional easily!

Someone give me a “caution” sign to wear! (lolol)

Ok, I’ve got a new start today!

I;m excited!

And I’m off!


Thank you for teaching me all about skin care!

It’s a great reference!

I’ve got another thing I want to hear about

Since becoming an adult, when I get pimples they stick around for a while. (lol)

Blog || 10/12 || Takumi

Original Link || 新たな

Good evening!

BOYSANDMEN’s Takumi Tsuchida!

For the first time in awhile, I fell asleep holding my phone! Lol

I’m sorry to everyone who was waiting for my blod update! Lol

Tomorrow is work!

It will be a new challenge!

I’m nervous! But it’ll be fun!


It’s short, but…

Good night!

From tomorrow it’ll become cold.

On the news, they said that it was warm and that it would continue for two more months…

I hope that you stay in good health.


I’m waiting for everyone’s supportive comments!


Takumi Tsuchida